IFA Berlin /

client B&O Play

Arting are delighted to have designed and built the B&O PLAY stand at IFA Berlin 2015


Interzum /

client Furnipart

With more than 30 years of developing and supplying design handles aimed at kitchen and bathroom furniture, Furnipart consider the past, present and trends when designing the handles of the future, working closely with leading design partners. Arting are delighted to have designed and built the stand for Furnipart at Interzum 2015



Client DK Company

DK Company has grown to become one of Europe’s leading suppliers of fashion and lifestyle brands. We are delighted to have designed and built DK Company’s multiple brand stands at both WHO's Next, Paris and Momad in Madrid.

Stockholm Furniture Fair /

Client Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen is an international lighting manufacturer. Close co-operation with architects has made Louis Poulsen a leading supplier of architectural lighting on the world markets. We are proud to have designed and built the impressive Louis Poulsen brand stand for Stockholm Furniture Fair 2015. 

Orgatec /

Client Palmberg

A stunning, transparent architectural piece that intrigues the visitor to explore the stand universe. This was the concept created for the Palmberg brand stand at Orgatec. By creating a light and clean universe covered by a dark, though transparent facade made of a repetition of wooden plates the stand appears both open and inviting without revealing to much. It teases the visitors to embark a journey into the product range of Palmberg. The stand is divided into different zones. The open booth space has a light and clean atmosphere in which visitors can experience the Palmberg product range unhindered. Whereas in the raised lounge area the Palmberg staff is able to cater important stakeholders in a more relaxed, warm and cosy atmosphere.

Pop Up Store Milano /

Client HAY

Danish design brand Hay, who celebrates uncomplicated design, is hosting an exhibition of products in the style of a pop-up mini market in the centre of Milan. Arting is delighted to have been part of building this impressive, eye-catching Pop Up Store.

Light+Building Frankfurt /

Client Prolicht

Prolicht, an Austrian provider of innovative lighting solutions, wanted to create a branded space capable of visually communicating strong messages about the company’s products and design heritage. The brief was clear: Create a design capable of breaking through the competitive noise at one of the world's largest lighting fairs. And so we did. We created a mountain-like, angular stand that encapsulates rays of architectural lighting. This brought forward an impressive, futuristic interior with true wow factor. To make sure that the stand façade would be both intriguing and reflect the essence of the brand, we created an architectural black envelope, pierced by fissures of light, 

Light+Building /

Client ACDC lighting

ACDC Lighting, a specialist in global architectural LED lighting, approached Arting to design a stand for Light + Building 2014. Arting created an architectural stand that appears both transparent and intriguing. Through its appeal it beckons visitors to explore the ACDC universe. The layout begins with an outer semi-public corridor from which visitors can experience the ACDC product range quietly. A more intimate atmosphere was created in the inner core.  Here, ACDC staff would greet important stakeholders in relative seclusion. The stand’s façade is made of white wooden slats. Cut and arranged to give the impression of a uniform mass that has been divided by penetrating light, the façade maintains a barrier between inside and out, while referencing the effects of light and shadow. The sharp form of the slats, combined with the softer arch of the entrance, creates an interesting mix of solidity and diffusion, reminiscent of the play of light on buildings and interiors. In order to make ACDC’s product range come to life and foster the best context for experiencing the various LED light colors, the outer corridor is kept in white.  This also creates a luminous contrast to the dimmed and cosy atmosphere of the inner lounge space. The circular inner lounge features dark plywood walls and floor as well as warm textile furniture and woods.

Euroshop Fair Düsseldorf /

Client Arting

This project was our first time at Euroshop. And we had very good response from potential partners from all over the world. We definitely look forward to seeing what our participation will bring in future. Arting’s exhibition was been selected as a winner in EXHIBITOR Magazine`s 29th Annual Exhibit Design Awards! It was honoured with a Bronze Award in the Double Deck category.

Stockholm Furniture Fair /

Client Vitra

Vitra is a well-known high-end Swiss furniture brand that improves the quality of homes, offices and public spaces through the power of design. Arting are delighted to have built Vitra’s brand stand at Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Offshore Energy Fair /

Client Welltec

Welltec wanted a branded presence that would stand out from the crowd. That would make visitors stop, think and talk. Inspired by the established graphic Welltec identity programme, featuring three concentric circles in a corporate colour palette of lime, green and crisp white, the design team came up with an impressive stand concept. Spherical motives create a cosy enclave in which to discuss solutions for the oil and gas industry. The circular cutouts and the randomised joints of the archways made for dynamic detailing added a grand feeling despite the stand's small size.

Automechanika, Frankfurt /

Client Nissens

The objective was to give Nissens a new and distinct profile in an environment reflecting innovation and quality. This was accomplished by creating a space showcasing the wide scope of the company's expertise and by using simple partitioning to present the various product groups in an easy-to-grasp manner. The Nissens displays were showcased in three long, open-sided volumes that were carefully positioned in the stand so that they would create a circulation route through the booth. 

Light+Building Frankfurt /

Client Targetti

A single booth at Light+Building in April 2010 showcased two distinct, but perfectly integrated collections. Exhibited alongside one another were the two architectural lighting companies Targetti & Louis Poulsen. By using black and white in designing the stand and reinforcing the principle that opposites attract, a strong visual impact was generated. 

Milano Furniture Fair /

Client Carl Hansen & Søn

The Danish established company Carl Hansen & Son produces high-quality furniture of lasting beauty and value with respect for sustainability, materials and more than 100 years of craftsmanship. This was encapsulated in a beautifully looking stand designed by Arting. 

Plaza London /

Client Martin Pro

Martin Professional takes creative stage design to the next level with an impressive and daring design. 

Ambiente Frankfurt /

Client Eva Solo

For this project the design team created a space that by simple partitioning, showcased both indoor and outdoor products. 2 open-sided volumes, with a homey feeling, were carefully positioned in the stand so that the gap between the volumes would provide an outdoor area.


Light+Building /

Client Louis Poulsen

An exhibition design should be a reflection of corporate identity. It should be both impressive and appealing. The fair exhibition hills created for Louis Poulsen at Light+Building are beautifully coated with a surface of dark tiles. The shapes of the hilly landscape create walls, tables and podiums on which outdoor lamps are exhibited. At the same time, the white walls, floors and ceilings create a frame for the exhibited indoor lamps. The organic spaces are moulded so that they can feature kitchen, lounge, meeting and storage facilities. The arched shapes and the extreme graphic clarity give Louis Poulsen an extraordinary and modern fair exhibition also reflected in their timeless array of lamps.

Salone del mobile Milano /

Client Danish Living

Bread & Butter Berlin /

Client Bestseller

Arting has built 6,000 impressive square meters of exhibition space for Bestsellers many brands at Bread & Butter in Hangar 1, location of former airport Tempelhof. Besides building the outer exhibition landscape, we also designed and built exhibition design for the brands VILA, Outfitters Nation, Object, Pieces, Little Pieces, Mama Licious, Juna Rose & YAS. An impressive landscape embracing the Bestseller brand portfolio.  

DSEI London /

Client Danish Pavillion

Stockholm Furniture Fair /

Client HAY

HAY operates in the cross field between architecture and fashion, bridging the statics from architecture and the dynamics from fashion. We are proud to having been part of creating this impressive exhibition stand for Stockholm Furniture Fair. 

Salone del mobile Milano /

Client Gubi

Gubi is an internationally acknowledge design company fuelled by a passion to discover overlooked icons from the past and future icons in the making. The stand concept & furniture created for Salone del mobile Milano are an eclectic, intercontinental collection that blurs the lines between the past and the future. An extensive assortment of aesthetically, thought-provoking designs characterised by simple, arresting shapes, original materials and innovative techniques that defy time and space.

Salone del mobile Milano /

Client Normann Copenhagen

In the spring of 2014, Normann Copenhagen participated in a range of fairs around Europe, IMM Cologne, Maison de Objet Paris & Stockholm Furniture Fair. Arting is proud to have built & managed the projects.

Stockholm Furniture Fair /

Client Gabriel

Gabriel is a niche company  developing and, manufacturing fabrics. The company works together with well-known design and furniture companies from all over the world. The arched shapes and extreme graphic clarity of the design concept has given Gabriel an extraordinary and modern fair exhibition just like in their timeless array of the company’s fabrics. The fair exhibition hills are covered with different Gabriel fabrics on the inside. In addition, the hilly landscape adds practical meeting spaces in which new fabrics can be showcased. 

Salone del Mobile /

Client Normann Copenhagen

In the spring of 2014, Normann Copenhagen participated in a range of fairs across Europe, IMM Cologne, Maison de Objet Paris & Stockholm Furniture Fair. Arting is proud to have built & managed the projects.

Stockholm Furniture Fair /

Client Montana

Making room for personality, details and development. This is the design philosophy behind Montana. A Danish company offering flexible interior design for homes and offices. At the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2013, the company showcased inspiration to create evocative crossovers between home and office.

Salone del mobile Milano /

Client Gloster

Exceptional design and a commitment to quality have forged Gloster’s reputation as a manufacturer of quality outdoor furniture. The exhibition stand highlights corporate identity of the company and showcase the beautiful furniture in an impressive and alluring manner.

Stockholm Furniture Fair /

Client Lightyears

Lightyears takes pride in creating luminous lighting products that combine tradition and renewal. The company is proud of its Scandinavian legacy and see light, functionality and aesthetics as a natural trinity. This design ethos has been gently translated into an impressive exhibition stand. 

Salone del mobile Milano /

Client Erik Jørgensen

Erik Jørgensen delivers furniture to countries all over the world, and the brand is associated with a sound aesthetics, more than a passing fad. Aesthetics that rest on tradition and craftsmanship, but which is also nurtured by innovative furniture designs by both young and more established designers.

Formland Herning /

Client Aida

aida has set daily dinner tables for 60 years. Arting is proud to have built the aida exhibition stand for Formland Herning. 


Formland Herning /

Client Menu

EWEC Warszawa /

Client Skykon

Skykon was a recognised player in the rapidly growing global wind energy sector. Arting is proud to have built the Skykon exhibition stand for EWEC Warszawa. 

Jewellery Fair Cph /

Client Pandora